Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Golden Age Custom Action Figure - The Flag

During the 1940s (the Golden Age of Comics) patriotic superheroes were very popular. One of the early, and fairly obscure, ones was The Flag, who appeared in Our Flag Comics from Ace Publications starting in 1941. He only ran a few issues before disappearing into comics history obscurity. He was secretly Jim Courtney, who was born with an American flag birthmark on his chest. At age 21 the spirits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln appeared to him and told him he had been endowed with the strength of a hundred men, the speed of the wind and invulnerability. I made the figure from a DC comics Atom figure - and painting those stars was the hardest part.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ship Models

I'm an old wargamer from way back, even wrote one a long time ago for Superior Models. Here's a pic of me at a wargame - with long hair and a mustache, which I don't have any more. Anyway, I've been collecting 1:2400 model ships for many, many years and have recently found a new company that does a very nice job. They are Molniya Miniatures and they have a great line of 1:2400 model ships from the pre-Dreadnought era. Ships they - intentionally - do that no one else has done before. They come without masts and the turrets aren't separate but are otherwise nicely detailed and reasonably accurate. I highly recommend.

First Post

Everybody has an opinion these days so why shouldn't I?? No reason I can think of. Maybe someone will actually find them of interest.