Monday, October 4, 2010

Golden Age Superheroes - Fiery Mask

I decided on a bit of a departure today, presenting a Timely/Marvel character named the Fiery Mask. He was really Doctor Jack Castle, a young physician called in to investigate the appearance of apparent zombies in town. His investigation leads him to a house where he encounters a big headed zombie guy and a beautiful zombie girl along with some giant buzzards. Ultimately he encounters a huge, grotesque, oriental looking guy who's engineered the whole zombie thing. Part of the zombie treatment apparently includes hypnosis, but Jack Castle is also an experienced practitioner of the hypnotic arts and when the bad guy amps up the zombie-making machine it explodes. The explosion gives Jack Castle a range of superhuman powers and makes his eyes glow under certain circumstances. Knocking off the bad guy and rescuing the (now un-zombied) girl, they escape as the house burns down. Adopting a superhero costume and covering his fiery eyes with a mask, Jack takes on crime as the new hero Fiery Mask. He appeared in a few issues of Daring Mystery Comics and one of Human Torch Comics until his popularity waned. Although Marvel has resurrected a number of their Golden Age characters over the years I'm not sure Fiery Mask received such treatment. The figure was made from the body, including arms and legs of a Toy Biz Captain America figure, while the head is from a Robin figure, but I can't remember which one. Fiery Mask had a couple of costumes but I rather liked this one the best.
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