Sunday, July 4, 2010

Golden Age Patriotic Heroes - V-Man

In honor of this being the 4th of July I wanted to present a patriotic hero and V-Man seemed just the guy. If you look closely at the cover art for V Comics No. 2 you'll see the dot dot dot dash that is Morse code for V in the upper left hand corner. This was also the sign Prime Minister Winston Churchill used to flash, with a cigar clenched between his teeth, a cane in one hand and the V-sign raised by the other. It was the symbol of victory for England and the other allied powers. Born in the early, bleak days of 1942 V-Man himself was intended by Fox Features Syndicate to represent this spirit of victory. Starting life as American Jerry Steele, he freed POW's from the Nazis but was apparently captured and executed. Somehow through herbal remedies he was revived and swore an oath called the V-pledge which apparently endowed him with enhanced physical abilities, a snappy costume and a miniature radio ring (Apple IPOD eat your heart out). He was aided in his campaign against the Nazis by three teen sidekicks called the V-Boys who wore sweaters with a large V on their chests. While V-Man only lasted two issues of his own comic, he made appearances in the Big 3 comic with Blue Beetle and Flame and apparently a few other comics. The action figure for V-Man was made using a Toy Biz Silver Surfer body and the head from a Punisher. The cape was cut from the fabric of a kids T-shirt. Happy Independence Day to all...-
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