Monday, December 26, 2011


There have been a couple of Huntresses in the DC Universe over time. There was the Golden Age baddie that paled around (I don't think people slept together in comics in the 1940's unless they were married) with the Sportsmaster, and then there was Helena Wayne, daughter of Bruce the Batman on Earth-2. This Huntress is a little more over the top, however. Born Helena Bertinelli, her father was boss (or Don) of the Bertinelli crime family. At age six Helena was kidnapped and molested but recovered alive and then sent off to boarding school to protect her. At 19 she comes home for a visit and is just in time to witness her entire family wiped out by a mob hit man. She then trains under another Mafia guy named Sal who teaches her to be less of a victim and more of a - well - Huntress. Running afoul of the police, the mob and then Batman, who considers her too violent, she campaigns to clean up the streets of a even more violent Gotham City. Later story lines mellow her out a bit and she even becomes part of the "Birds of Prey" female hero group. But this is the damaged, unrepentant, bad-ass, kick-butt Raven-haired vigilante I was so fond of. This was another Superior Models Sonya conversion, which actually required some sculpting around the boots and gloves and reconfiguring her dagger into a gun-handled weapon. I used felt for her cape because it always looked stiffer than usual in the comics.

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