Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Akron and the Macon and a B-24

In my last post I mentioned I had two of these airship models (Akron and Macon) but I had painted one in enamel and it wouldn't set up properly and was still tacky. I finally bit the bullet, donned my latex gloves like a doctor about to remove a hernia, laid out my Q-tips and a bottle of paint thinner and methodically stripped off the offending silver enamel paint. Then I rinsed off the excess thinner with the dish sprayer in the sink and after it dried out repainted the model with acrylic. I am displaying the two of them here together, a sight no one would have ever seen because by the time the Macon was commissioned the Akron had already been lost. While I was about it I set alongside them a B-24/Liberator bomber of World War II fame as a comparison of size. The B-24 actually took on some of the reconnaissance chores the airships were designed to accomplish. It's a good illustration of just how big these thin-skinned monsters really were.

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