Friday, February 15, 2013

Winsome Wasp

PICTURE STILL WON'T LOAD - I'LL KEEP TRYING What can one say about the Wasp? She certainly has a fine sense of fashion, and eventually established a successful career as a designer. That after already inheriting a fortune from her deceased father. Janet Van Dyne had met Henry Pym through her father, little knowing that he was secretly the Ant-Man. When her father was killed Janet expressed her interest in crime fighting and Pym took her into his confidence and gave her the powers of a wasp, including the wings, and the ability to shrink to very small proportions. She had a wasp's sting that she could use as a weapon and certain sensory abilities. Jan, as she was known, was always the more outgoing of the Pym/van Dyne pair while Hank was a bit of a scientific nerd. However, they eventually married and Jan continued her career as the Wasp through Hank's various identity changes to Giant-Man, then Goliath and then Yellow Jacket. Finally he gave up the superheroing business although he has continued to work alongside them. Ant-Man and Wasp were founding members of the Avengers and Jan has even been a very successful chairwoman of the group. One thing she has been noted for over the years are her various costumes. She hardly seems to wear the same one twice. Through a variety of means I have tried to capture some of that variety in my collection, as displayed here. On the left are two of her original costumes, one a Heroclix. Next along the bottom is a version I did from a metal figure, cuting clear plastic wings from a blister pack. Next is also an early version flying at you that I mounted on a bse and then two more Heroclix versions. On the far right is Ant-Man riding a giant ant with Wasp alongside. Far right behind is an Eaglemoss Wasp metal figure from England. Next left is a conversion I did using a "Happy Meal" Catwoman figure and finally on the far left is an Invisible Woman figure I converted. These are all costumes that Jan has used at one time or another.

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