Friday, August 20, 2010

Custom Action Figure - Crime Crusher

A couple of blogs ago I featured a superhero from Warren Comics, who was typically not known for superhero characters - the Fighting Armenian. I decided to feature another unconventional superhero character from Warren today - the Crime Crusher. In a story entitled Superhero! in Eerie #32, March 1971 Crime Crusher made his only appearance that I'm aware of. For the first few pages it seems to be a fairly straightforward - if overtly violent - story of a masked vigilante kicking criminal butt and working with slightly reluctant police approval. The violence is logical since, as Cousin Eerie who introduces the stories observes, the magazine is a horror comic after all. A couple of the cops discuss his violent methods and one of the crime lords bemoans his loss of the "loot." So the crime lord imports some out-of-town talent to dispose of his superhero nemesis. However the "torpedo" soon learns that Crime Crusher is playing with a secret trick up his sleeve - he's a vampire! While Warren had created a female vampire heroine - even if some would argue whether or not Vampirella was a super heroine - this was probably their first costumed vampire superhero. At the end of the story the two cops are wondering what the Crime Crusher is going to do when he's disposed of all the criminal element in town and still needs to feed. Guess we'll never know. The figure was made from a Hasbro Marvel Universe 3 3/4" Guardian action figure painted black with the C reverse C on his chest. The chain belt was made using a small piece of chain that I tied together with thread at the back.
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