Sunday, August 29, 2010

Golden Age Villains

Yesterday I presented Brad Spencer, Wonderman and his girl friend and gal Friday Carol Paige. I mentioned that he had some outer space villains and today I thought I'd present a few of them as well. Leader of the crew is Dr. Voodoo, an alien criminal mastermind. His chief sidekick appears to be the Immortal Emperor, who's exact function I haven't determined. On the sun Dr. Voodoo has a crony named Solaris, who rules one of multiple cities on the sun's surface - ouch!! While on Pluto Dr. Voodoo has set up Lilith who's titles include Goddess of Evil, Regent of Darkness, Princess of the Planet Pluto and Supreme Ruler of the Universal Realm - whew!! In one story the sun is referred to as being 92 million miles from earth, which is at least pretty close to its 93 million. But in the other story Pluto is said to be 35 million miles from earth, when in reality it is between two and seven BILLION miles from earth. Anyway, Dr. Voodoo and his cronies seem bent on controlling various parts of the solar system with their mad-science devices and the only one who seems able to stop them is Wonderman. Isn't that great??!! As for the action figures; Lilith was made using a Toy Biz Jean Grey body and the head from a Wonder Woman. Immortal Emperor was made using various GI Joe parts and I sculpted the head from Sculpy. As for Solaris, he was made from a Star Wars Star Destroyer Commander and the head from a Black Hole Reinhart figure. Dr. Voodoo himself was made from a Mayor May Who from the Grinch Stole Christmas - who's hair I dremeled off and then gave him Sculpy ears and those strange horns and goatee. Wonderman's rogues gallery - after all, what's a hero without villains to battle.
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