Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golden Age Superhero - Brad Spencer, Wonderman

Today I'm featuring a little different type of superhero of the Golden Age - the space adventurer. In the tradition of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, both of whom originated in the Sunday comics pages and later had movie serial adventures, comes Brad Spencer, Wonderman, from the Better/Standard/Nedor publishing concern. Brad was apparently exposed to some sort of secret energy that gave him super powers, including a steel-hard body. Making his debut in the pages of the Complete Book of Comics and Funnies, alongside Zudo the jungle boy and Perky the quiz pig in 1944, he subsequently moved to Mystery Comics for four issues and finally Wonder Comics from issues 9-20, making him a fairly successful character in the genre. He seems to have spent most of his time fighting space villains like Dr. Voodoo, Lilith, Goddess of Evil and the Immortal Emperor, who I may cover in a later blog article. Brad was ably assisted by Carol Paige in suitably skimpy "space-age" outfits. The Brad Spencer figure was made using a Tyco Jack Tenrec figure from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, along with the head from a Playmates Captain Kirk figure. Carol Paige was made using the body from a Jean Grey figure and the head from Xena's sidekick Gabrielle, both by Toy Biz.
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