Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Golden Age Figures - Chuck Magnon, The Immortal Man

Something a little different this time around - a bunch of figures that all represent one character. First appearing in the pages of Red Dragon Comics No. 9 from 1944, published by Street & Smith, Chuck was originally a Cro-Magnon man who was struck by lightning. Rather than just frying his butt the lighting made him immortal. He witnessed the fall of Atlantis after making its knowledge his own; he saw the glory of ancient Greece; he experienced the brutality and the grandeur of Rome and studied and fought his way through the Middle Ages. In other words he fought his way down through history until today (circa 1944) he had come to embrace peace. After all, if he were to lose an eye or a limb it would be for all eternity. In the story I have he battles an ancient Egyptian priest and of course defeats him. Comic book readers may realize that DC Comics had their own Immortal Man character, but he began life in the pages of Strange Adventures No. 177 from June 1965 so Chuck Magnon obviously predated him - I cannot say if DC's Immortal Man was inspired by the Street and Smith character. In the picture you see Chuck at various stages of his career. In the back row on the left is Chuck when he lived in Atlantis circa 9400 BC (Warlord of the Red Planet figure from Superior Models), next right is Chuck as a Crusader Knight circa 1095 AD (metal figure made in China), then comes a Roman General circa 50 AD (Superior Models), and finally on the top row far right is a Renaissance Knight circa 1300 AD (metal figure made in China); on the front row far left we have an English Crowmwellian Soldier circa 1650 AD (I believe made by Worcester Miniatures), then next right an officer of the French Imperial Guard circa 1808-15 AD (made by Superior Models), then on the far right is Chuck as an ancient Greek circa 400 BC (Perseus from Clash of the Titans), then next from right is a landed gentry from circa 1500 AD (Jakks Pacific Dracula figure from the movie Van Helsing with another head on it), and then finally in the middle is Chuck as he was in 1944 (Playmates 1940s Data with Captain Kirk head).
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