Friday, October 22, 2010

Defender of the Dubious - Hostileman

In another little deviation from the normal, today I present Hostileman from the pages of Playboy magazine. Originally appearing in the December 1964 issue, Hostileman was milksop Bernard Mergendeiler, perpetually oppressed by the women he loved and held up to ridicule by their "trendy" friends. However, when Bernard says the magic word, "Hurt," he is immediately transformed into the "Avenger of the meek, the recalcitrant, the scared and the dubious; champion of the clumsy and wheelhorse for the inept," Hostileman. Written and drawn by Jules Feiffer, I'm aware of only five appearances by Hostileman between 1964 and 1969. However, he had stuck in my mind over the years and after a little research, and the purchase of a couple of back issues, I couldn't resist bringing the character to life in plastic. I used a Marvel Universe 3 3/4" Human Torch/Johnny Storm figure, slicking the hair back and repainting him.

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  1. An Action Figure of the Scion of Surliness? Too funny!