Monday, October 11, 2010

Golden Age Heroes - Moon Man

From the pages of Mystic Comics #5 of March 1941 comes Moon Man, "master of many sciences" and defender of the defenseless and oppressed. Well, at least for one story, because that's as long as he lasted. From the publishing house of Timely (Marvel) is this one-shot wonder. In the story he investigates a fresh meat supplier who is substituting tainted product that he's providing to the orphanage for their Christmas dinner - now what could be more heinous than serving tainted meat to orphans on Christmas?? I can't even imagine!! Working out of a penthouse apartment but without an apparent secret identity the Moon Man is supposedly wanted by the bad guys and the police. His fate and further adventures are as yet unrecorded. For the figure I used the body and head from a Toy Biz Daredevil figure, the arms from a Superman and the legs from a Captain America. I used little crystal half-balls for his ear pieces.
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  1. I love these oddball obscurities. Oh for the days when publishers would try to come up with a unique hero no one had done before. Seems like now they just slap a coat of paint on someone else's character and say "this is our equivalent of..."