Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Superheroine - Cat Girl

I recently featured a super character from the pages of Playboy so this time, in my never ending effort to provide a mix of character types and origins, I am presenting a female super person from a young girls magazine. Cat Girl appeared in the British publication Sally Annual from IPC Magazines LTD in the early to mid-1970s. Cat Girl was one of a number of plucky, heroic girls featured in each magazine (mostly hard-bound), including Tiny Tania in Space, Farm Boss Fanny and Maisie's Magic Eye. All of the stories aimed at the young female crowd. There is some level of threat and suspense in the stories, but they rather remind of a Nancy Drew mystery. Cat Girl is the only real superheroine in the group. Her real name is Cathy and she lives with her father, an unnamed private detective, who she helps out with cases (usually he bumbles and she solves them). Apparently her father had helped out an African witch doctor once and was sent a casket containing a cat suit. Cathy tries it on and the suit endows her with extraordinary cat-like powers. She is superhumanly strong and agile, can climb like a cat, has very sharp nails, can track a scent and sense the presence of danger. She also appeared in Spanish and Dutch publications, in the latter of which the catsuit was purple. I decided on all black when I did the action figure, which was a Catwoman figure from one of the fast food restaurants. I used a piece of plastic sprue, which I heated and twisted a bit to make the tail.
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  1. I am sure I can remember one of these where Cat Girl is surprised by the villainess who then knocks Cat Girl out with sleeping gas and dumps her in a nearby well. Cat Girl recovers and escapes of course. Such a long time ago though!

  2. Maybe - I only have a few Cat Girl stories and I sort of had to fish around to find those. She was primarily published in Europe. She's a fun character and I like the bumbling dad connection.

  3. Not familiar with the Archie one. Thought I knew most of the Archie characters.