Sunday, October 17, 2010

Golden Age Superheroes - Mr. Justice

I thought for my centennial post I'd do something a little special so I'm featuring Mr. Justice from MLJ publishing house, which ultimately and forever more became Archie Comics. When MLJ started out in the 1940s they had quite a stable of superhero characters, but none stranger than Mr. J. DC's own supernatural hero the Spectre had been around for about a year and I can't say whether or not he may have influenced MLJ's character, but Mr. Justice was pretty bizarre in his own right. Born in England as Prince James, he was lured to his death in a Scottish castle in 1040. Although he took revenge on his murderers from beyond the grave, his spirit was trapped in the castle wherein he died. Then in 1940, supposedly to protect the castle from Nazi bombing (not sure how many Scottish castles the Nazis bombed in WWII) the castle was dismantled stone by stone to be shipped to America. However, while in transit the ship was torpedoed and sunk by a Nazi U-Boat, thus freeing the spirit of Prince James from his entrapment. Continuing on to America he assumed the identity of Mr. Justice and spent the rest of his un-life righting wrongs and battling evil, including Satan himself, with whom he battled a number of times. During the Golden Age Mr. Justice appeared in Blue Diamond Comics 9-22 and Jackpot Comics 1-9. He was an accomplished magic and paranormal entity and could accomplish extraordinary feats. Among his other powers Mr. Justice was able to either shrink himself or grow to enormous proportions so when I decided to make an action figure of the character I decided on three. The middle sized is a 6" Top Biz Daredevil I repainted, while the larger one is a 10" Daredevil from the same company. The little version is a Superior Models motel Captain Crusher 25mm figure that I modified and painted accordingly. I actually was quite pleased with the set.
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