Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kid Eternity - Discus Thrower

The last couple of Kid Eternity posts I've featured real historical characters the Kid has called up from Eternity to aid him in his earthly tasks. Suppose you had some bad guy shooting at you in a museum? Who would you call up to aid you? If you said the Discus Thrower then award yourself a patented no-prize!! Yes, he called up a statue, which came to life and used his discus to disarm the baddie. Then he got sent back to his place in Eternity - or on the pedestal the statue was displayed upon. Anyway, I had seen the story and I really wanted a discus thrower to add to my Kid Eternity side-kicks, but had no clue where I might find him. A friend of mine queried on ebay and sure enough he came up with a Hallmark ornament of the Discus Thrower. He was the right scale size and everything. You just never know from whence you may find something you can use. I did paint his flesh tones but don't worry - in keeping with the Hallmark sensibilities this guy is sexless.

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