Friday, May 11, 2012

Kid Eternity - General Lafayette

Another character Kid Eternity saw fit to call up from the realm of Eternity was General Lafayette. Born a Frenchman but inspired by the American Revolution the Marquis de Lafayette journeyed to the New World and quickly came to the attention of General George Washington. The pair struck up an enduring friendship, the young Frenchman becoming like unto a son to Washington. Returning to France the Marquis managed to convince the French government to commit additional forces, including a fleet that the colonies was sorely lacking, to the American cause. His efforts ultimately, both diplomatically and on the battlefield contributed in no small measure to colonial victory over the British and gained him the rank of Major General and the eternal affection of the American people. When he had a son he naturally named him George Washington and when he died was buried in Paris under soil from Washington's Mount Vernon estate. The figure is an epoxy military model of the good General which I painted in more traditional colors than in the comic.

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