Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kid Eternity - Rescuing Sir Christopher

When Kid Eternity and Mr. Keeper hear a disturbance they visit earth only to find a young man parading around town in a Middle Ages suit of armour and alternately speaking in both modern language and period. As they follow the knight some of his courtiers deliberately try to drown him in a row boat by pulling a plug. Turns out the knight also has a castle on an island. There a relative named Ralph explains that Christopher's eccentric father built the castle and Chris has fallen into the old man's delusion. Suspicious, Kid Eternity hangs around and discovers that the old man's will has been altered by Ralph, who is trying to first make it seem the young man is delusional and then have his cohorts kill Chris so Ralph can inherit everything - why is no one ever happy with just taking a share? Anyway, the Kid summons Sir Lancelot, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table who rescue Chris and all is revealed. Sir Christopher is a decorative knight I purchased and then painted gold to match the character in the story.

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