Sunday, January 6, 2013

Disguised Legionaires

The picture is from Superboy starring the Legion of Superheroes No. 203 from July-August 1974 and shows four costumed figures with numbers on their chests, three male and one female, breaking into the headquarters of the Legion. As it turns out they are actually members of the Legion testing the defenses of their headquarters. It is revealed that they are, by the numbers: I is Karate Kid, II is Element Lad, III is Phantom Girl and IV is Lightning Lad. When I was making them I used Secret Wars figures for the males, with Spiderman for I, Wolverine with a Captain America head for II, and Daredevil for IV while I used a Happy Meal Catwoman for III. I painted their chests white, traced out the number and painted the rest of them black. This was the only comic I'm aware of that they appeared this way. I like those one-off opportunities.

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