Friday, January 11, 2013

Zeppelin Tales

It's nice to know that I can still learn about things that I already thought I knew about. You see, I always thought Zeppelins were painted silvery, which was what some of the famous ones like Hindenburg and the Akron and Macon were. So when Shapeways (I've posted about them previously) offered a German World War I Zeppelin called L48 in 1:2400 scale I thought it would be great to have one - or maybe a few. So I ordered it and then I did a little research and turns out the WWI Zeppelins were not painted silver. Early war versions were more often than not a canvas color, sometimes with camouflage schemes, but the late war versions were typically painted black on the bottoms. Apparently the black didn't show up very well in searchlights, which is why nightfighters of WWII were also painted black. L48 and some of its sisters were black with a blue or gray section on top. So when I got my L48 I painted it accordingly. Actually I think it's a lot better than silver. I may try some of the other versions later.... Stay tuned.

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