Friday, January 4, 2013

Karate Kid

Val Armorr was born to a super-villain called the Black Dragon, but ended up being raised by someone called Sensei, who defeated his dad. Val was trained in every martial art known to man - or to Sensei at any rate - and mastered them all. By the time he was a teenager he decided to apply his fighting skills for good and applied to the Legion of Superheroes for membership as the Karate Kid. Despite the fact that he really didn't have any super powers he was accepted at the same time the girl who called herself Projectra also joined. They developed a relationship but she was royalty from the Planet Orando and her dad the king didn't think too much of her prospective suitor. Karate Kid went on a quest to prove himself, even spending some time in the 20th Century. When the king died and Projectra became queen they were married and left the Legion to rule Orando. The Legion of Super Villains moved in to take over the planet but were defeated by the Hero Legion. In the battle Karate Kid sacrificed his life and Projectra was left a widow. I used a Marvel Secret Wars Captain America for the body and a head from a sports figure (I think). I used plastic sheet for the collar and some T-shirt material for the belt.

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