Sunday, September 26, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Dusty and Roy

A long time ago, in a galaxy.... Whoops!! Wrong lead in. Anyway, a while back (actually it was April 2010) in one of my very early blog entries I featured the MLJ character the Shield and mentioned he had a kid sidekick named Dusty, about which I would write more later. I had intended to feature Dusty when I was doing the kid sidekick stream but got off on another tangent - surprise, surprise - so, true to my word, although long past when it might have been reasonably expected, I've decided to finally feature Dusty, Boy Detective and another MLJ sidekick, Roy, the Superboy or also Wonder Boy. Dusty became Shield's sidekick when his father was killed by saboteurs who blew up the factory he was working in. Shield pursued the saboteurs and Dusty went after them as well, helping the superhero to coral the bad guys. Then, after the battle was over we're confronted with the classic Golden Age comic book conundrum - what to do with the orphan kid. Of course the Shield takes the plucky boy on as his sidekick. Roy was also an orphan who, as a shoeshine boy, was discovered by the MLJ superhero the Wizard, who subsequently trained the kid to be his sidekick. The two kids, who obviously didn't get enough bad guy butt kicking with their mentors, would also team up as the Boy Buddies and kick even more baddie butt together. As for the action figures, Dusty was made from a Star Wars General Madine body which I cleaned up a little bit and then sculpted the tops of the boots. The head was from a Voltron figure (I think), but I don't remember which one, with the round ear pieces stamped out from plastic sheet. The Roy figure started with a CHIPS bad guy figure called Jimmy Squeaks and then I used the head from the Lost in Space Will Robinson movie figure head.

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