Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Golden Age Superheroes - Red Panther

I had already presented a couple of Fiction House characters - Sheena and Tabu, both jungle characters - so today I thought I would present a superhero from the same publisher. This one is also a jungle character but at least he's dressed for the part of a superhero. Red Panther appears in issues 2-26 of Jungle Comics. initially in sort of fur shorts and a cowl, but later he adopted more traditional superhero garb. He was an un-named person who decided to right the wrongs in the jungle with nothing but his fists and a bow and arrows to help him. Interestingly enough he didn't seem to have a quiver of arrows or a bow in hand but they just sort of appeared when he needed them. He went through several variations of costume, including yellow gloves and boots and blue gloves and boots, but this particular version is from the one story I have (Jungle Comics #15, March 1941) so I preferred to configure the character accordingly. I am aware of no attempts to revive this character in later years. In the first issue of Jungle Comics there was a character named White Panther and some commentators have commentated that Red Panther was a follow-on of the white one - however, there doesn't seem to be anything that clearly connects the two story-wise and the connection may just be an attempt to connect dots where no connection exists. Anyone who reads this and has any insight is welcome to chime in. The action figure was made using parts from three Toy Biz figures - the body and legs from a Daredevil, the arms from a Captain America and the head from a Professor X.
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