Friday, September 10, 2010

Golden Age Superheroes - Super-American

Today another character from Fiction House, but not a jungle character this time. Super-American was a bona fide superhero, appearing in the pages of Fight Comics beginning with issue 15. In that first story a genius inventor from the 20th Century, Allan Bruce, creates his Chronopticon, which can see into the future and communicate with people living there. He finds the America of the 23rd Century filled with vibrant, super-powered men of action (apparently they didn't go all flabby and lazy like they are today) and appeals to them for an army of heroes to counter the threat of totalitarianism. They agree to send along one guy, who's given an appropriate super-hero suit and sent into the past to uphold the American ideals of peace, honor and freedom. In the story America is being invaded, the president has been taken hostage and congress is about to be lined up against the wall and shot (sounds like a tea party rally to me). Of course the Super-American saves the day, and the president, and brings down the forces of evil. Super-American had most of the powers of Superman, including flight, invulnerability and super strength. He did not have staying power, however, lasting only four issues before disappearing into comic limbo. He was, more recently, revived by Dynamite for their Project Superpowers story-line. The action figure was made using a Hasbro JLA Atom figure and the head from Toy Biz X-Cutioner figure. The stars on the cape I found in a party store as confetti or something and glued each one on individually after I had cut the cape to fit. The wings on the side of his helmet were made from sheet plastic or card stock.
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