Monday, September 6, 2010

Golden Age Jungle Man - Tabu

Yesterday I ran a scantily clad jungle girl so before I had any complaints of favoritism from my female readers I thought today I'd run a scantily clad jungle male. No one can accuse me of not catering to my constituency. At any rate, Tabu is also from Fiction House, as was Sheena yesterday. While most people may never have heard of him, Tabu had a pretty good run, appearing in Jungle Comics 1-41, 43-56, 58-117, 119-139 and 141 as well as Taanga Comics No. 9. Out of all these stories I've only seen a few. Apparently he starts out as a jungle boy but matures pretty quickly. He is advertised as the Jungle Wizard, granted certain powers by a jungle witch doctor who's life he saved. Basically he has a sixth sense that enables him to excel over all the animals of the jungle - faster than an antelope, able to climb trees better than an ape, stalk more swiftly and quietly than a panther, leap higher than a leopard, soar higher than an eagle and swim better than a shark (although I'm not sure how many sharks there are in the jungle). In one of the stories I have read he can even Jumps on the back of a leopard and then they fly through the air like Bellerophon riding Pegasus. He also splits himself into three Tabus to beat up on the bad guys. Then he shrinks the bad princess' castle so he can show her his power. In another story he can also transform himself into various creatures. No wonder they call him the jungle wizard! In some of Tabu's stories he's a blond and sometimes he's a brunette - I sort of liked the dark hair better so that's the "look" I went with. For this action figure I used the body from a Toy Biz Savage Land Ka-Zar and the head from a Hasbro JLA Superman.
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