Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blackhawks Battle the Hex Master

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not a little masochistic when tackling some of these custom figure projects. The character I'm featuring today is from Blackhawk comics #176, September 1962, when the Blackhawks stumble across a supposed sorcerer who is holding a tribe of natives on a Pacific island hostage. He's demanding all the islander's treasure in exchange for not casting hexes on them, like making huts collapse in on themselves and causing bridges to fly away (another flying bridge like the one the Crimson Vultures had-see previous post). The natives think he's a native sorcerer from a tribe they wrested control of the island away from some years before. Turns out he's a white scientist who is using various tricks and devices to fool the natives into parting with their treasure. The Blackhawks end up stopping him in the end - of course - and reveal his real identity. The reason this was a rather difficult project is because the character's costume is covered in all these "hex" signs. I ended up painting most of the figure yellow and then marking out the hex signs with a black paint pen, including the designs. Then I filled in the black all around the designs. It was a very tedious paint job. The figure is a Marvel Secret Wars Daredevil figure made by Mattel back in the early 1980s.
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