Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silver Age Heroine - Lady Blackhawk

The other day I featured my favorite paramilitary group of comic book characters, the Blackhawks. I thought I would continue along with a few related postings since I've done a lot of their supporting cast as well as many of their villains. First up is Lady Blackhawk, the longest running Blackhawk love interest. Her real name was Zinda Blake (never knew a Zinda but always thought it was a neat name), and she made her first appearance in the pages of Blackhawk with issue number 133 in February 1959. Typical of the comics representation of females during the period she bravely helps save the Blackhawk's butts but then gives them away when she goes "Eeeek" over the appearance of a mouse. Of course she really has "a thing" for Blackhawk and in issue #155 in December 1960 there is a cover story called "The Wedding of Lady Blackhawk" wherein she gets her wish and marries Mister numero uno himself. Of course it all turns out to have been a dream - which is a road Lois Lane tread all too often over Superman down through the years - but she does keep making appearances. Later on Zinda was even brainwashed by one of the Blackhawk's few arch villains, Killer Shark, and became Queen Killer Shark for a while fighting with the bad guys. Of course she always came back to the light side. The figure was made using a Hasbro Juno Eclipse figure with the head from a Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann and a cap from a German army officer.
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