Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The League of Anti-Blackhawks

This group was featured in Blackhawk #165 in October 1961. This was an unusual tale because in most Blackhawk comics of the period there were three separate stories, but this time around the tale was too big and spanned two story-lengths. I always liked this group, who were, from left to right, Buzzard, Eel, Chameleon and on the right the Owl. The first three are summoned by the Owl in order to try to defeat the Blackhawks. As it turns out, what no one knows is that the Owl is really an alien named Bocar who tried to conquer his own world and, failing that, decided he would set up shop on earth. Blackhawk captures Buzzard and infiltrates the gang disguised as Buzzard to flush out the alien, which of course he does. Then in a final clash the alien tries to destroy the Blackhawks with some alien creatures he's devised but ends up getting vaporized by one of his own creatures. This is actually the first and last appearance of the League that I'm aware of. The figures were a bit of a challenge, especially the Buzzard and the Owl, which required a lot of sculpting. The Owl was the hardest - he's a Hasbro Rankor Trainer figure that I basically covered in Sculpy and then shaped the Owl's head, eyes and beak. For the other three I used parts from various GI Joes, sculpting the Buzzard's head in particular. I actually had fun painting all the various designs on the Chameleon. All in all they were a lot of fun to make.
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