Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Rainbow Blackhawks

Another set of figures from my Blackhawks collection, this one from the pages of Blackhawk #131, December 1958. This time the baddie is a guy named Mr. Beam, who has a device that can effect colored objects and people. So when the Blackhawks in their blue uniforms try to apprehend him in the commission of a crime, he uses his colorama gun to repel them and escape with a valuable crown he's after. Figuring that Mr. Beam's gun is focused on the color blue, the Blackhawks change to green costumes, but Mr. Beam just switches the gun to green and repels them again. Finally Blackhawk, who in addition his other crime-fighting skills seems to be a master at dying costumes, outfits each of his men with a different colored uniform. But Mr. Beam has changed his colorama gun to dial all the colors of the rainbow so Blackhawk leaps into a conveniently placed vat of black paint (black being the absence of color) and brings an end to Mr. Beam's criminal career. For the Blackhawk figures I used the same figures and heads I listed in my first Blackhawk post, painting Blackhawk red, Chuck yellow, Andre green, leaving Olaf blue, painting Stanislaus orange and Hendrickson purple, with Chop-Chop retaining his multi-colored outfit. Mr. Beam was created using a GI Joe Dr. Mindbender figure and the head from a GI Joe Salvo figure. The gun was something I had on hand that had multiple apertures.
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