Monday, November 15, 2010

Silver Age Blackhawk Villain - Vakoma

I'm on a roll with the Blackhawks so to continue I thought I'd focus on one of their villains that I used a model statue to represent. The bad guy is a character named Vakoma (from Blackhawk #173, June 1962) rebellious citizen of a democratic country trying to build up its infrastructure. Vakoma doesn't like the new technology so he's using magic to keep the hands of time turned back. The Blackhawks stumble upon the situation (they did that a lot) and vow to help the people build up their technology. As it turns out Vakoma is using some form of magic clay that - once he makes a clay model of an object - allows him to manipulate (i.e., destroy) anything he likes. Blackhawk tricks Vakoma into thinking that he has captured some of the magic clay and leads Vakoma into a trap. Vakoma is foiled of course and technology will march on in his country, thanks to the Blackhawks. The figure is a metal (lead/pewter) statue originally made by Superior Models/Perth Pewter named the Magic Master. I thought the look of the figure really captured the appearance of Vakoma and painted him accordingly. I figured the crystal ball he's holding could easily represent his magic clay.
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