Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blackhawk Framed - By the Badge

In Blackhawk #194, March 1964, after he accidentally allows some criminals to escape, Blackhawk receives a call from police Chief Stacey, an old friend. Blackhawk is asked to meet the chief at a location where police discover part of the loot from the robbery, implicating the Blackhawk's chief in the theft. Humiliated and stripped of his chest symbol, Blackhawk is bailed out and the following day a new hero appears on the scene sporting the costume of the Badge and with Blackhawk's distinctive voice and manly chin. The Blackhawks believe their former leader has assumed the Badge's identity to fight crime while he's under a legal cloud. However, when the Badge escapes with thieves rather than bringing them in everyone is after the former Blackhawk leader. In the end it turns out the hoodlum Boss Maddox was responsible for the frame. He imitated Chief Stacey's voice to lure Blackhawk to the stolen money and later disguised himself as the Badge and used Blackhawk's voice to delude everyone that Blackhawk was committing the crimes. In the end Blackhawk leads the police and his own team to the bad guys hideout where all is revealed. I used a Marvel Showdown Captain America figure as the basis for the Badge, which I had to Dremel the star from the chest and repaint.
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