Friday, December 24, 2010

Fire and Ice - The Split-Man

Appearing in Blackhawk Comic #184, May 1963 a scientist named Cahill claims to have been experimenting with extremes of heat and cold when a mishap occurred and he was bathed in the two extremes. He suddenly began to have episodes where he would transform into a split man - half melting heat and the other half freezing cold. He initially seemed to be seeking help from the Blackhawks but then seemed to be losing his mind and turning to crime when the Split-Man episodes overtook him. He starts robbing banks and jewelry stores and there seems little the Blackhawks can do to thwart his fire and ice powers. Eventually Blackhawk discovers Cahill can really transform at will by use of the transmutation machine he created and they cut his power and take him into custody. I thought since it's been really cold for a prolonged period of time and they're threatening snow again this weekend it would be nice to have the powers of fire and ice and right now I could use more of the heat and less of the cold. The Split-Man action figure was a kid's meal Human Torch figure that I painted on the left side to reflect the Split-Man's frozen side. I liked the way the "flames" on his left shoulder appeared like they could also be frozen ice sickles sticking up. The major challenges here were painting a straight white line on a curved surface and the chest emblem, which required a little free-hand sketching.
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