Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blackhawk Villain - Sea Wolf

Today's offering comes from the pages of Blackhawk #87, April 1955. It's ten years after World War II and mysterious submarines commanded by the sinister Sea Wolf are terrorizing arms shipments to Western European democracies. The Blackhawks are called in to deal with the menace but find that attacks from the air meet with only limited success. As a result they determine to build their own super submarine, powered with atomic energy!! The story is a little vague on how long it takes them to build this atomic submarine other than saying, "As the days pass the underseas craft nears completion...." Of course the real first atomic powered submarine, USS Nautilus, was laid down in June 1952 and wasn't completed until April 1955, with all the resources of the U.S. Navy and the Electric Boat Company at work on the sub. But the Blackhawks (with just the seven of them working on the project) seem to have knocked their boat out in a matter of maybe weeks. Blackhawk then meets a girl named Maria who claims her father, a Nazi U-Boat commander during the war, is actually the Sea Wolf. However, after providing some information on the location of the Sea Wolf's base, Blackhawk is attacked and the girl is kidnapped. The Blackhawks put to sea in their submarine named the Hawkmarine but find their route to the base is a trap, which they manage to escape. They attack the wolf pack and Blackhawk unmasks Sea Wolf, who he discovers has really been Maria all along. In later stories the Blackhawk's submarine was named the Hawksub but Hawkmarine was a nice change of pace. As for the figures, Sea Wolf herself was made using a Hasbro Star Wars Carbonite Han Solo and then sculpting the wolf's head and scarf out of Skulpy and using a red crystal for the clasp. Her crew were made from four Bespin Luke Skywalker figures with various heads from GI Joe and a Godzilla figure.
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