Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lhala, Tigress of the Desert

Another Blackhawk villianess from the pages of their Blackhawk #95, December 1955, back when the title was still being published by Quality Comics. The western powers have built an oil refinery in the desert to support their Middle Eastern bases of operation. Out of the heat and sand rides Lhala with her desert band disguised as a local tribe in order to disrupt and destroy the refinery's operations. Of course, when they do the Blackhawks just happen to be touring the facility and immediately swing into action to defeat the attackers. The Blackhawks are captured by Lhala and learn she is trying to foment Jehad among the Arab tribes. Of course they escape and defeat Lhala and her forces, saving the world from a Holy War - gee, where are they now when we really need them?? The action figure conversion itself was easy, merely a paint job on a Star Wars Rabe figure (one of Queen Amindala's hand maidens). But then I went on a bit of a hunt for an appropriately sized camel to go with her, which I eventually located. I do so love to accessorize.
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