Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blackhawk Villain - Killer Shark

Killer Shark was the most persistent of the villains facing the black knights over the course of their run. I believe he first appeared in March 1952 in Blackhawk #50 and was still around to pester the Blackhawks 200 issues later. Although never appearing to be very physically adroit, and usually depicted as slightly over weight, Killer Shark relied on a small legion of underlings and an array of infernal machines to accomplish his crimes. While I never thought about it much when I was young, in recent years it's occurred to me that if these villains had enough resources to build their infernal devices, why did they have to turn to a life of crime in the first place. Maybe they are just bad people who need an excuse to build infernal devices. Killer Shark's devices included various submersibles, including one that looked just like a whale and another with a buzz-saw for a bow with which he cut the Hawksub in twain. Ouch!!! Later on Killer Shark captured Lady Blackhawk and somehow subverted her into becoming Queen Killer Shark, his loyal hench-person, for a time. The figure was made using a Marvel Showdown figure of Doctor Octopus designed for a game system. I removed his backpack with the eight legs, filled in the holes and sculpted the headpiece and used a couple of crystals for the ear coverings on the sides of his head. He already had the goggles, which helped a great deal. This is actually a later representation of Killer Shark's costume and I may go back later and do an earlier version of the villain.
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