Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charlton Comics - Captain Atom

Captain Adam is working on a rocket that is counting down to launching when he loses track of time and off the rocket goes into space with him on board. Now why a captain in the air force is fiddling around with a screwdriver on a rocket is not explained, nor why the control folks can't just stop the countdown until he climbs out, but that's the way it goes. Turns out that he's not only getting launched into space, the rocket he's aboard has an automatic timed nuclear warhead, which explodes with Captain Adam on board! Ouch!!! Although he probably wouldn't have felt much. So the good captain, brave and bold as he was, if a little clumsy in dropping his screwdriver, is turned into random molecules floating forever in the timeless wastes of space. Or is he? Turns out he shows up on the launch pad shortly thereafter, ragged clothing and all (after all, it was the comics so he wasn't naked), and oh yes, white hair. Of course he is radioactive so he sends for all the Diuluestel, a lightweight metal that shields radiation, which the air force brain boys weave into a costume for the good captain - not to protect him but to protect everyone from him. He is then endowed with powers like making his costume appear or disappear at will, the power of flight and the manipulation of matter. Dubbed Captain Atom by the president, he sallies forth to fight evil and the enemies of the United States where ever they may appear. In the Watchmen series the character of Dr. Manhattan was modeled after Captain Atom. As for the action figure, I used a Toy Biz Cloak figure and the head from a Superman figure.

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