Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Earth-32 - The Next Green Lanterns

So, as I was saying, Bruce Wayne is the new Green Lantern of earth-32 and he is being tormented by the yellow-ringed Sinestro. When the Guardians of the Universe want Bruce to go off-world to take care of their business he decides he can't leave while Sinestro is still at large. The Guardians decide such insolence cannot be countenanced so they not only send four of their best from the Green Lantern Corps but also create three new earth Green Lanterns. These include Superman, the Flash and Amazon Queen Hippolyta, who are pictured. In the end Bruce contains the four Green Lanterns and his three fellow earth people contain Sinestro and his minions, but Sinestro escapes. Bruce goes off into space after Sinestro, the three earth people are left to defend their planet and the Green Lanterns admit defeat and return to their own duties. As for the Guardians - well, it seems their schemes are proceeding apace. The three figures I used were Infinite Universe Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash. I have to say that the Green Lantern symbol on Superman's chest was the hardest of all the work I had to do and I had to touch it up a couple of times. For the Queen Hippolyta figure I printed a copy of the character from the book the right size and glued the symbol to her chest, then painted it to make it stand out better.

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