Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Green Lantern Lysandra

Lysandra is the newly appointed Green Lantern for the planet Zintha in Green Lantern No. 169, October 1983. Normally Green Lanterns are appointed to entire space sectors, but on Zintha the people believe they must not venture out to or even look up into space by the will of their god Thar. The Zintha scientists believe their sun is going to go supernova (if they don't look up at the stars I'm not sure how they would have figured out any star does that) and are using the green power battery to focus their wills to move the planet of Zintha out of the way. Another Green Lantern shows up and after a little misunderstanding Lysandra finds out that the star isn't a star at all but a living creature that's about to split in the process of reproduction. Lysandra takes her power battery back, the other Green Lantern moves Zintha back into place and the sun creature splits and now the former ice planet of Zintha is warmer and growing. It also turns out the god they worship is actually the sun creature Thar who granted them permission to live on Zintha when they escaped a space war in their distant, and obviously forgotten, past. As for the figure, I took the body of a DC Universe Supergirl (figure on right) and removed her cape and skirt. I then had to plug holes in her stomach and back and on her shoulders where the cape and skirt fit with green putty, sanding them smooth when dry. I then took the head from a Starfire figure (on left) and, after painting both parts, put them together to create Lysandra. I used the Starfire head because it had really long hair like Lysandra did.

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