Friday, August 5, 2011

Russian Aircraft Carrier Kuznetsov

I've mentioned before that I went a long time without putting airplanes on my carrier models because I hadn't found a good way of lining the decks. Then I discovered a nice, fine point white paint pen and, in an orgy of hard work I lined the decks of all of my carriers, no matter the race, creed, color or national origin. Whew! Now that was done. Then the rub was that I needed to go back and see about all those pesky airplanes I had cavalierly set aside for another day. By George, the day had arrived! So now I am in the midst of going back and putting planes on the carrier decks. I've already posted my Essex class carrier with a plane flying CAP. Now I present a more modern carrier, the Russian Admiral Kuznetsov. This is a very nice model from the foundries of Viking Forge, who produce not only their own models but also Seabattle models under license. They did a good job with the carrier but they don't really produce airplanes, so I turned to GHQ. They produce a nice set of modern land based tactical aircraft which includes the SU-27/Flanker and the SU-25/Frogfoot, both of which are embarked aboard the Kuznetsov. They also, along with their modern Soviet surface ship kits, produce the KA-25/Hormone, which is similar to the helos embarked aboard Kuznetsov, so I had a nice mix of aircraft to work with. On board the model there is a Flanker about to take off with another Flanker exiting the starboard elevator. Then there are three Frogfoot and a Flanker alongside the island, then another Frogfoot and three additional Flankers parked along the starboard stern. A Hormone is sitting on the port side aft waiting to take off for plane guard duties. I camouflaged the jets and gave the Flankers white noses.

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