Monday, April 30, 2012

Kid Eternity villains - Master Man & Rasputin

Yesterday I posted about Kid Eternity and today I present one of his villains along with one of the bad guys he conjured. "Master Man has powers that rival those of Kid Eternity and Mr. Keeper! Master Man claims his followers from evil armies spawned in hideous pits of ultimate horror! From their unspeakable past they rise again to follow at his command!" Couldn't have said it better myself, having quoted from Kid Eternity #15, May 1949. Whereas Kid Eternity uses the word "Eternity" to summon those who will aid him, Master Man speaks the word "Stygia" for his own evil designs. The first person of history he summons during the story is Rasputin, and they don't come much more evil than that. But Master Man is ultimately not the master of all he surveys, for looking over his shoulder is the devil himself, although never mentioned by name and only seen as a shadow on the ground. On top of all this Master Man is a chain smoker - I mean, what could be more evil than that? Right?! Master Man was made using various GI Joe parts while Rasputin was a metal miniature, although I don't remember who made him.

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