Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lori Lemaris

Talk about star-crossed lovers - a young man from another planet away from his adopted home for the first time attending college, meeting a strange, exotic and beautiful young woman in a wheel chair and falling in love, only to find out she's secretly a mermaid. Didn't they do a movie of that called "Splash?" Anyway, that's how Clark Kent (aka Superman) first met Lori Lemaris. Her race of merpeople had gotten separated from their home of Atlantis and she'd been looking for the path back. Later Superman, through his buddy Aquaman, finds the way back to Atlantis, but Lori is injured and an Atlantian doctor nurses Lori back to health and of course she falls in love with him! Supes just can get a break with this girl. Over the years Lori has sort of come and gone through the DC Universe, although I'm not sure she's made any appearances since the Crisis on Infinite earths. But I remember the original story from my youth and wanted a Lori in my collection. My first choice was the metal figure on left by Superior Models, but later I found the Epoxy resin figure at right and moved that one up to the Lori position, with the other one becoming just another mermaid - one can never had too many mermaids in one's collection.

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