Saturday, November 10, 2012

Superman Cultists

Following the death of Superman in that story arc during the early 1990's four replacement Supermen arose. One was a clone who would eventually be known as Superboy and one was Steel - John Henry Irons, who built a suit of armor for himself. The other two superpowered replacements included the Cyborg Superman and the visor Superman. Cults arose around these latter two and there were actual demonstrations before the large statue of Superman commorating his life and death. At this particular demonstration you can see the cyborg followers on the right with the left side of their faces colored to match the Cyborg's appearance. On the left are the worshipers of the visored Superman and they are wearing goggles to better celebrate their hero. I decided to throw in a kid in the middle who's just wearing a Superman T-shirt and is really caught inbetween the two demonstrating groups. The girl on the right is from the line of Breyer horses and the kid is from the Speed Racer movie figures but the rest are mostly GI Joes. I used some material I specially purchased for the purpose, made a pattern from paper and then traced out all the robes and then sewed them together. I printed out the Superman symbols and glued them on the fabric and I painted the "cyborg" side of the faces of that group. I made the placards from paper glued on sticks. It was a little different group than I'm used to making but they seemed important to the "Reign of the Supermen" storyline and they were kind of fun to make. It also shows how quickly some of these cults can suddenly appear.

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