Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So Hurricane Sandy was approaching and I worried that I might lose power and if that happens I can get water in the basement. I have lots of boxes down there (mostly filled with action figures) so I decided to move everything upstairs for the duration. Fortunely (and unlike a lot of people further north) I did not lose power so now I've started moving everything back upstairs with less uegency. However, in the process I hit one of my shelves full of action figures with a box and every figure on the shelf came down, along with a number on other surrounding shelves. As I was putting all that back together I stumbled across the Spymaster figure that I hadn't thought about for a long time. It was actually one of my early figure conversion projects. Spymaster was basically a mercenary for hire and worked for Zodiac, rogue SHIELD agents, Justin Hammer, Madame Masque and AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), mostly battling Iron Man, SHIELD and Daredevil. The first one got killed off and there was a second Spymaster - after all it was a pretty good villain name. I used a Toy Boz Daredevil body with a Spider-Man head to make the figure. I can tell it's one of my early efforts because I used enamel paint, which I gave up after too long for acrylic - on some plastics enamels will never set up properly and remain forever tacky. I do so like taking a walk down memory lane - even if brought on by a hurricane!

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