Saturday, November 3, 2012

Professor Ivo and the Rainbow Tornadoes

Professor Ivo is a villian who has been menacing the DC Universe for decades now. He was tormented by the idea of death and managed to concoct a serum that would give him eternal life. Of course, like most things in life, it had side effects, in this case turning him into a really ugly guy. He's alternated between being ugly and being OK over the years and has distinguished himself creating androids. He made Amazo, who fought the Justice League to a standstill and also Tomorrow Woman, who I don't know much about. However in JLA #'s 2 & 3, November-December 2006 he created a boat load of Red Tornado duplicates, but in different colors. Apparently the Yellow one has sun-like powers, the blue ones project winds and the green ones project lightning. I'm not sure about the black and red ones. Anyway, they all seem to spin. In one two page splash panel 26 of them attacked the JLA. Now I just couldn't resist the possibilities so I acquired 26 Superpowers Collection Red Tornado figures and painted 20 of them - you guessed it, I left the red ones red. I know, I get carried away. The Professor Ivo figure was made by combining a Bruce Banner body in lab coat and the head from a Star Trek Barkley.

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