Monday, November 19, 2012

The Thought Terror

The Thought Terror is a Golden Age Hawkman villain who has the power to hypnotize people with a stare. He charges people to predict their futures and then hypnotizes them into going off and doing whatever he predicts. He has a cadre of hypnotized henchmen to assist him in his nefarious activities. Hawkman discovers what is going on and goes after the Thought Terror with a shield - like the one Perseus used to approach the Gorgon Medusa by looking at her reflection in the shield. In this case, however, the Thought Terror inadvertently hypnotizes himslf in the end. The story was originally published in Flash Comics #4, April 1940. I used some GI Joe body parts for the figure and the head of the cowled version of Cobra Commander for the, then made a robe for the character from T-shirt material and found a belt in my box of spare parts.

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