Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year with Blackhawk Villain Thunderbolt

Happy New Year to all. I thought I'd start off the new year with a Blackhawk villain named Thunderbolt. The story is from Blackhawk #173, June 1962 when a character named Jasper Weems who has started up a newspaper named the Blackhawk Gazette makes himself known to the black knights. To help Jasper out with the accuracy of his stories the Blackhawks fill him in on some of their exploits, the details of which Jasper has gotten wrong. Then they are called away to confront the villain Thunderbolt who uses a gun that sends out electric charges. The Blackhawks have invented a weapon to cancel out the Thunderbolt's gun, but when they confront him their weapon doesn't work. Turns out Thunderbolt read all about their plans in the - you guessed it - Blackhawk Gazette. As the Blackhawks are trapped in an electronic containment field Jasper shows up and - accidentally - distracts Thunderbolt long enough for Blackhawk to take the bad guy out and save the day. The Thunderbolt figure was made using various parts from GI Joe and similar type figures with the addition of a sculpted mustache and the cape.
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