Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Jailor - Three Time Loser

Here's another Blackhawk villain who appeared in more than one story, making it into Blackhawk #113 June 1957, #131 December 1958 and #193 February 1964. In the first story he's just a guy who's family has always designed prisons all the way back to ancient times. He's trying to follow in their footsteps and presents plans for an escape-proof prison to the authorities. Later he learns that an escape-proof prison design has been rejected and decides to take his vengeance out on the Blackhawks who had recently foiled a jail break. He adopts the identity of the Jailor and kidnaps three of the Blackhawks and imprisons them but eventually they get free and apprehend him. Thereupon Blackhawk informs the Jailor that actually it was someone else's design that was rejected and that his was accepted, and then they put him in it I guess. So about a year later he is released from jail and vows to help capture criminals, which for a while he does. However, it is revealed in the end that he has been capturing gang bosses and then following their underlings to hidden stashes of loot which he has then been making off with, so it's back to jail for the Jailor. Third time around he escapes from jail and this time imprisons six of the Blackhawks in a small floating jail that's rigged to blow up at a certain hour or if anyone tries to free them. Chop Chop uses a belt to visit another dimension where he helps local law enforcement and then gets a time travel device that allows the Blackhawks to escape the trap and track the Jailor to his lair. (Remember, I don't make this stuff up.) This latter story was during a period when the Blackhawks were being given more science fiction type story-lines. For the action figure I used an M. Bison figure from the Street Fighter line of GI Joe related figures and painted it appropriately, adding the cape. I rather liked the prison bars on his chest and the key on his belt buckle.
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