Monday, January 24, 2011

Two-Times the Scorpion

The Scorpion was one of the few Blackhawk villains that appeared in more than one comic story, namely issues #146 in March 1960 and #178 in November 1962. In both tales the Scorpion and his henchmen committed crimes using giant mechanical insects in which they rode. Some of these constructs look like actual insects and some appear more generic - if there's any such thing as a generic insect. In the first story the Blackhawks stop the Scorpion with the aid of their mascot Blackie, the black hawk - how appropriate, a bird attacking an insect. In the second story the Blackhawks manage to thwart the Scorpion using their own resources. I guess the Scorpion finally took the hint because he doesn't seem to have returned. I confess I never "get" these super criminals. I mean, if you were caught once by the Blackhawks then why would you want to go up against them a second time. It's like Lex Luthor - if he's such a genius then why would he want to stay in Metropolis and keep getting nabbed by the man-of-steel? After getting nabbed a thousand times does he really think that this time the outcome is going to be different. Why doesn't he go operate in Russia or someplace where they don't seem to have a lot of super heroes? At any rate I rather liked the Scorpion and his henchmen. I made the Scorpion using various GI Joe type parts and painting him appropriately, while the henchmen, who all seemed to wear suits, were made using three DC Universe 3 3/4" Question figures with heads from the Atom. I painted two of the suits to give them a little variety, but the blue one was the color of the original figure.
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