Monday, January 31, 2011

Blackhawk Villain - King Condor

King Condor was another Blackhawk villain who made multiple appearances to pester our fighting team. In the first (Blackhawk #142, November 1959) he has a number of henchmen and uses mechanical birds to commit his crimes. In his second appearance in Blackhawk #150, July 1960, he has a reduced number of henchmen and now he's using real trained birds to do his dirty work. The third time around (Blackhawk #158, March 1961) King Condor has discovered a couple of alien bird eggs and hatched the giant birds out, using them in his illegal endeavors and only one ex-henchman shows up in a cameo. The fourth time around (Blackhawk #192, January 1964) Condor is in a race to locate three eggs with which to hatch mystical giant birds; the Basilisk, the Thunderbird and the Roc and no henchmen in sight. Obviously bird-obsessed, King Condor wasn't particularly successful in any of his endeavors - however, I did hear in the prison kitchen he makes one heck of a birds-nest soup. OK, bad joke. As for the action figure, I used a Star Wars figure (not sure which one) as the base, sanding the detail of hair and ears off and sculpting the beak. On the back I added some metal wings from a 25mm scale Pegasus and the cape cut from T-shirt cloth (hangs better than most fabrics I've tried), then painted appropriately.

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