Monday, May 30, 2011

Candian Superhero - Captain Canuck

I have mostly (with a couple of exceptions) concentrated on heroes of the Golden Age on this blog. Today I thought I'd feature a Canadian superhero who, unlike some of those created for American comics like the heroes and heroines of Alfa Flight, was actually produced in Canada. Captain Canuck was published by Comely Comics from Richard Comely. It was first published in 1975 but was set about 20 years in the future where Canada has become one of the principal super powers on earth. He started life as Tom Evans, who had been a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman (RCMP) before receiving superhuman strength through contact with extraterrestials. He subsequently assumes the Captain Canuck persona and goes to work for the much more secret Canadian Secret Intelligence Services (CSIS). As with a lot of independent comics Captain Canuck experienced publishing interruptus after three issues, then returned under new management in 1979, running until 1981. There were revivals in 1993 and 2004 that I don't know much about. I will say that one of the stories I enjoyed the most was published in issue #10 from August 1980, wherein the good captain arrives in Winnipeg in trench coat and hat trying to maintain a low profile as he takes a cab en route a secret meeting. It was the morning after a masquerade party and the cab gets plowed into by a girl in a pixie outfit. She is being pursued by a group of men in various costumes (Viking, clown, cowboy, strongman and Don Quixote) so the captain and his cabdriver new best buddy Fred try to help the girl named Leona get away as she tells them one story after another about why they are after her. It was pretty entertaining and different from most of the comic stories I've read. I guess I always was a sucker for larcenous damsels in distress. At any rate the Captain Canuck figure was made using the head and body from a Toy Biz Daredevil and the arms and legs from a Captain America.

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