Friday, May 20, 2011

Superhero Sidekicks - V-Man's V-Boys

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away (actually it was July 4, 2010) I presented the Fox Features Syndicate superhero V-Man, one of the crop of patriotic heroes that sprung up during World War II. I reported then that V-Man didn't have just one sidekick but actually three called the V-Boys. There in fact appears to have been a corps of V-Boys, but there were three principal ones. In the inset picture lower left you can see a group of them pledging themselves, "...The V-Boys Defense Corps... for victory... for defense... to the fullest devotion to our country and our flag!" A more jaundiced eye might remark that it looks more like they're all giving the fascist salute, but I'm sure that's not what the artist intended. At any rate, there's nothing like dragging a bunch of kids along when you go off into a private war against the Nazis. The reason I had been procrastinating over the V-Boys was I didn't really have suitable basic figures. I recently acquired some and did four conversions. The two in red sweaters (named Bo) are from the Kenner Glamour Gals line of figures, with the one on the right having the original head and the one on the left having the head from a bicycle figure. The figure in the blue sweater is an Alex Luthor from the DC Infinite Universe line, which I painted appropriately. The smaller figure at lower left was an unidentified loose figure I picked up somewhere and made another member of the V-Boys Corps.

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